Stress Resilience with Ugandan Nurses using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, 2015-16
Funded by: The Butabika-East London Link

This project aims to explore whether an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach can be effective for stress management for mental health workers at Butabika Hospital, in Uganda.

Ugandan nurses work under enormous pressure with staff: patient ratios varying between 1:60 and 1:150. Mental health nurses carry a huge burden to support unwell patients and not only do they try and manage under these difficult circumstances but they also experience stigma because of their role in the mental health field.

The group that have come together around this programme, led by the Ugandan Diaspora Health Foundation, have done so in the recognition that, whilst it is worthy to provide nurses with more skills, unless nurses own mental health is looked after, their capacity to work well is severely undermined.