Dr Nick Bass, Moses Mulimira and Dr Navina Evans

Edmund Koboah 
Global Health Partnerships Manager
Email: e.koboah@nhs.net
Tel: +44 (0) 207 655 4000

Dr Nick Bass
Director of Global Health
Email: nick.bass@elft.nhs.uk

Moses Mulimira
Butabika-East London Link & Chair of the Ugandan Diaspora Health Foundation
Email: Moses.Mulimira@hee.nhs.uk 

Ms Mariam Aligawesa
Butabika-East London Link
& Deputy Chair of the Ugandan Diaspora Health Foundation

Email: ohmariam@hotmail.com

Dr Dave Baillie
Butabika-East London Link, Consultant Psychiatrist, ELFT.
Email: dave.baillie@nhs.net

Dr Patricia d'Ardenne
Butabika-East London Link
Email: patricia.dardenne@gmail.com

Dr Lorraine Sunduza
ELFT Link Executive Lead
Email: stephanie.quitaleg@nhs.net 

Dr Harriet Birabwa Oketcho
Uganda Coordinator, Butabika-East London Link, & Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
Email: htboketcho@hotmail.com